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I'm Lovin It

I'm Lovin It

Don’t tell Mrs. Kayla this but I’m gonna let one of her secrets out.  For those who didn’t know my wife is addicted to .... Coke.  Now I know this may come as a shock to some of you but hang in there.  My wife has high standards and not just any coke will do when my wife needs a fix the only thing that will help her is a coke from McDonalds. ( I know I had some of you fooled for a minute).  But seriously, if we were to take a second and think about it Im sure there is something that all of us could admit to needing.

All of us have that one thing that we think we could never get rid of.  Our morning cup of coffee, our cell phone, Facebook, or Candy Crush.  However, these things are not needs but wants.  We know we can live without them but so many times we feel our lives would be incomplete if this want was not meet.

A great example I have is with the kids and our family tradition on Wednesday night.  Every Wednesday after Church, we try to take the kids out for ice cream.  Our favorite place to go after Church is Braum’s but on occasion we will go someplace else or get a bucket of ice cream at the grocery store and just eat ice cream at the house.  Well on this particular evening we decided to go to McDonald’s.  Kayla could get her coke fix and the kids could get some ice cream.  We decided to go to the McDonald’s across from the hospital.  (For those of you who don’t know this is the slowest McDonald’s in the world.)  We waited in line for what seemed like an eternity and when we get to the intercom to order the lady tells us that the ice cream machine is broken.  Needless to say my whole family almost lost it.  We had told them that we were about to get ice cream only to have to tell them that they were out.  

Luckily for us 1.) there is more than one McDonald’s in this town and 2.) Mt Pleasant isn’t all that big so Mom drove us across town and saved the day.  We think like this all the time.  We don’t get our way so we feel like the whole worlds out to get us.  However, we serve an awesome God who has already supplied all our needs.  In fact the Bible tells us in Matthew that the Father knows what we need before we even ask.  (Matt 6:8)  So remember the next time things don’t seem to be shaking out the way you thought that we have a great big God who has already taken care of everything that we need.

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