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Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound

Man what a crazy night.  I was watching the kids tonight, by myself!  We went to the park and played and then I decided to get the kids a happy meal.  I know what you all are thinking, “Man that guy is the coolest dad in the world” and you would be right.  That was all about to tumble down with a tragic curve.

How secure do you feel right know?  If you were to die tonight where would you end up?  These are all questions that need to be answered.  

When we left the park I had to make sure that all the kids were buckled down.  My two older boys are in boosters and they can take care of themselves.  With the younger two it is a little different.  They have these huge car seats with like fifty straps, getting a kid in one of these things takes miracle unless your name is Mom.  Anyway, I get Eli strapped down and then I move on to baby girl.  Once I get everyone strapped in I jump behind the wheel and head to Happy Meal Land.  

I get the kids everything they wanted, I even got the toy right, and the kids were singing my praises.  We are headed home and this is the most pleasant trip I can remember having with a full van.  The kids were playing with their new toys and eating.  Life is good, well almost.  

Sadly when things are going great you can always expect a curve and tonight was no different.  You see I had done everything right.  I played with the kids, got them in their carseats, and gave them the finest food McD’s could offer.  My kids were happy, safe, and secure.  However, we hadn’t hit any sharp curves yet.  Life was just going along easy.  About two miles from the house I had to take a hard left across traffic.  About the time I come out of the curve I hear Justice scream in the back no, No, NO!!!!.  You see Eli was strapped in his carseat, but his carseat wasn’t strapped to the van.  My youngest son who I thought was safe and secure was not.  I had failed to check the most important thing and to make sure that his seat was secure.

Tragically, many of us do this with our souls.  Our lives look great on the outside.  We say the right thing go to the right places and generally have our lives together.  Our souls however, may be in a very different place.  We are lost and alone with no hope for a future.  We are just waiting for our lives to be dumped over just like my sons carseat.  You see all the outer things we do are just like that.  We get our lives right in our own eyes but when the curves in the road come we get flipped over and tossed to and fro.  However, Jesus came to ensure that our lives could be anchored.  Not in the things that we do but by the things he did for us on the cross.  In Jesus our souls can be secure and we can have a hope for the future.

So I ask again, is your life right with Jesus?  Are you trusting in him or yourself?  Don’t wait you never know when the “curve” may come.

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