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Long Distance

Long Distance

Long Distance Relationships


I look up to my baby brother.  I know he would probably be embarrassed if he knew I was bragging about him but I do.  Thats weird right, how many older brothers actually look up to their little brothers. One of the many reasons I look up to him is because of the selfless way he serves my family and myself.  You see my brother along with many other men and women of the United States Military serve us all by standing up and fighting for our freedoms.  In fact, there are many members in our church who at one time wore the uniform and fought for us. I know it must have been hard for them to be separated from there families as they served our country.  It must have been especially hard on the older generation when the only form of communication was “snail mail” or spotty phone service.  It sure makes it easier for my brother and I to talk because of technology.


The other night at midnight our time 8:00 am for my brother overseas we spent a few hours, and as long as my cell phone battery would last texting each other from opposite sides of the world.  One of us would have to be in outer space to be physically farther away from each other than we are now.  Technology is such that we can carry on a conversation like we are standing next to each other. This makes the so called “long distance relationship” a thing of the past.  Technology is nice and it makes the times he is deployed a little easier to bear but there is no substitute for having him here.  


Sadly many of us treat our relationship with our Lord and Savior the same way.  We see God as so far away and we can’t talk to him except through some form of written correspondence.  However, the God of the universe resides in our hearts.  He sent he Spirit to minister to us and to communicate our thoughts to God the father.  Our God is so close and present in all of our lives, the good parts and the bad but we treat him like He is some in-personable God who doesn’t know anything about us and the struggles we go through. Please remember that we don’t have a “long distance relationship” with God but one that is personable. 

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