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With God’s Word as our highest priority, we have designed the Children’s Ministry in such a way that kids can learn at their own level. Our mission is to make disciples by creating a fun, loving, and interactive environment where kids are encouraged to grow in Christ.

We pray that your child’s biblical adventure here lays a foundation for a lifetime of living for Christ!

**No children’s classes 1st service
**Wednesday night AWANA

Vietnam: Spending the day with a hero of the faith

Vietnam: Spending the day with a hero of the faith

Today I was able to share at an UC Somewhere in Vietnam.  

One thing that has always amazed me is how some Americans can speak so cavalierly about doing such things. I always feel as though I am in the company of Giants of the Faith, and today I truly was.  

The Pastor we were able to spend the day with has a story that could come right out of the pages of the biographies of the great men of our faith we have read.  Saved as a tender teen in a refugee camp in Thailand, the Lord sent him back to his homeland to reach his father and family. He began to share the gospel, was arrested for the first time and jailed for 14 months. He never waivered in his faith and only became more bold.  Several prisoners came to Christ as he taught them by speaking through the drainage pipes that joined their cells, and sang worship songs.  Once released even though he was constantly followed, and would be jailed two more times, he continued to share the good news and plant churches.  After leading thousands to Christ and planting around 50 churches, he drove 1.5 hours on a holiday to pick us up and bring us to a small gathering of believers on New Years day.  Yep I was pretty humbled, still am to even know such a man and spend the day with him, his family and church family.  So thankful for men like him and for meetings like today.

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First Day of School

 Been thinking about all the kids who started school today!  Praying that their day will be blessed with new friends, wonderful teachers, new opportunities  and lots of fun!  Praying that their actions and words will be a reflection of their love for Christ.  Praying that no matter the situation good or bad that they know He is right there with them and know His Word offers wisdom on how to proceed  Praying that they will be sensitive to the spirit and maybe speak to someone that needs a friend. 

Praying, Praying, Praying............... Can't wait to hear all about it!


Proverbs 3:5-6

New King James Version (NKJV)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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Come Together Service

I invited all the kids in the 1st grade and up class to join me upfront on the floor during service tomorrow.  This will save seats for adults who might not enjoy sitting on the floor and allow the kids to hang out with their peers while listening to Pastor Dave's fabulous message.  Remind them to bring their Bible to follow along and sharpen their sword skills!  


Last week in class, I challenged the older kids to tell me about a miracle in the Bible.  I will be available before and after service to hear all about the amazing miracles they found in God's Word and handing out a small prize to those that remembered!   

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Children's Ministry Application

Children's Ministry Application

Here is a copy of the children's ministry application in case you lost yours or forgot to pick on up when you were at church! Click on the link below.

childrens ministry reg.pdf


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What is one to blog about?

       I am not a professional blogger nor I have ever even blogged once in my lifetime so please bear with me as I figure out how children's ministry can best utilize this new tool!  I have a few ideas and will be seeking The Lord for more thoughts and inspiration.  I would love it, if you would also make suggestions and let me know how it might best serve our families at CCMP.  


     The first idea that came to mind was using the blog to share what the kids learned on Sunday.  This would give families opportunities to discuss what the kids had learned and offer parents a tool to get the conversation started. I know all to well that  sometimes when parents ask their kids  what  did they learn in class today they respond, "We had a snack!"  :) Knowing that your child learned about Noah and the Great Flood might just give one the upper hand to get a great  conversation going and reinforce what they just learned. 


     The second is to use it as a way to let everyone know about exciting changes or events that are taking place.  For example, it is highly possible after reviewing several curriculum that we will be making a change in the materials for  school age children.  Teachers have been reviewing new materials and I will be completing my last pilot test this Sunday before making a final decision.  I could tell you  all the great things about it and why we are considering making a change but I better keep you in suspense and save that for another blog.


     The third is to use it to share my heart  and prayer request for the ministry.   Praying for more dedicated people who want to share the love of Christ to sweet little precious children is one that should remain on your prayer list. 


    Looking forward to all your feedback and suggestions! 


Happy Blogging,

Jo Anne Calverley

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