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Vietnam: Spending the day with a hero of the faith

Vietnam: Spending the day with a hero of the faith

Today I was able to share at an UC Somewhere in Vietnam.  

One thing that has always amazed me is how some Americans can speak so cavalierly about doing such things. I always feel as though I am in the company of Giants of the Faith, and today I truly was.  

The Pastor we were able to spend the day with has a story that could come right out of the pages of the biographies of the great men of our faith we have read.  Saved as a tender teen in a refugee camp in Thailand, the Lord sent him back to his homeland to reach his father and family. He began to share the gospel, was arrested for the first time and jailed for 14 months. He never waivered in his faith and only became more bold.  Several prisoners came to Christ as he taught them by speaking through the drainage pipes that joined their cells, and sang worship songs.  Once released even though he was constantly followed, and would be jailed two more times, he continued to share the good news and plant churches.  After leading thousands to Christ and planting around 50 churches, he drove 1.5 hours on a holiday to pick us up and bring us to a small gathering of believers on New Years day.  Yep I was pretty humbled, still am to even know such a man and spend the day with him, his family and church family.  So thankful for men like him and for meetings like today.

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