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Update from the Perry Family

Update from the Perry Family

Dear P4 Partners,

We welcome those of you who are new to the P4 Team!  (P4 =
Perryclan Praise & Prayer Posse)

Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer.  Our "Home Assignment" has proven indeed to be work-- yet the overall stress of living in a different culture is not there.  As one missionary said to us, "the easiest day on the field is harder than the hardest day in your home culture," and we have found that to be true.  The challenge of traveling many miles is offset by the things that are NOT present in South Sudan: paved roads, proximity to hospitals and stores, and the familiarity of the country in which we were born.  And, it is a joy to not have to deal with customs and immigration every time we cross a state border!
And we are enjoying eating cheese. Lots of it.
Back in South Sudan, our Australian friends & partners in ministry are "holding down the fort" well and the hospital is continuing to grow and develop, delivering 50+ babies per month!

"How many miles do we have to go today?"

Just a few highlights:

  • Spending time with family when we first arrived back to US
  • Being with friends in Texas during the birth of their daughter
  • Giving a medical lecture to other missions-minded doctors in Oklahoma
  • Debriefing with our sending agency in Orlando and establishing a more realistic budget for our next term of service
  • Great fun for the kids with friends not seen for 2-3 years!
  • Driving through 9 states in ONE day (Virginia to New Hampshire)
  • Doing US History experientially as a family!

"Winnie, what is that little building behind you?!"
"Oh, the US Capitol!"  

We praise Jesus because He is:

  • Our Protector: no accidents, tickets, or serious injuries thus far
  • Our Righteousness: despite short tempers (kids AND adults), temper tantrums (toddlers, tweens, and teens!), and too many hours in the car many days, God looks at Jesus in us, not our sin-- thanks to His work on the cross!

At the first oil well in the world... anyone know where it is?!  Write back with your guess!

The "how we don't get lost in a museum" talk... with friends in D.C.

We thank Him for:

  • A great debriefing time with Pioneers, our sending agency; connecting with people in Orlando and other returning missionaries
  • Providing through many of you for our physical needs as we travel: car, housing, food, gasoline, and finances and cookies
  • Phenomenal times spent with new and old friends, & family, throughout the South and East and Midwest of the US (so far!)
  • Upcoming week of rest in Wisconsin, prior to resuming speaking and traveling in North, North West, West Coast Region

The brothers... reunited!  Logan and Alex, in New Orleans

With our new godsons in Texas!

With PT in New Orleans... the pastor who married us almost 17 years ago (and his bride, Carolyn, in picture below!)

At the Irish Channel Christian Fellowship (New Orleans)... our first church as a married couple

Field trip for 11 to Jamestown, Virginia (settled in 1607), with friends from residency training

Sophia with birthmother & husband, stepsister and half-brother (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Please pray:

  • That we all exhibit the fruit of the Spirit more, especially in the vehicle, including but not limited to:
    • self-control (no hitting, biting, or kicking)
    • kindness
    • gentleness (in the words used between siblings especially)
  • That we parents would not exasperate our children, but rather know when to hold the line and when to not fight the battle
  • That He would enable us to reach our new monthly budget (currently at 70%)
  • That we would connect and deepen our relationships with our P4 team and others as we continue our travels

More fun along the road... stinky feet and tired toddlers.  Pray for a good sense of humor for all of us!

The schedule...
Next up: Wisconsin (8/7-18), British Columbia (8/22-27), Washington (8/27-9/5), Alaska (9/5-9/8).  
Then down to California, Arizona, & New Mexico.  
Return to Colorado in the second half of September for rest and fun with family and friends, then back to South Sudan around January 2.

We value your partnership in prayer-- we could not do any of this without you!  Thank you for lifting us up as we continue on the road for about 7 weeks more.  

We love to hear from you and appreciate knowing more how we can better pray for you.

Grateful for you,
Jeff & Elizabeth

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Update from Harvesters Reaching the Nations

Update from Harvesters Reaching the Nations
AUGUST | 2013 
Harvesters' Prayer Team 
Dear David,
Thank you for your commitment to partner with Harvesters and for entering into intercession with us. The success of Harvesters continues to be dependent on servants and supporters like you, and we deeply appreciate you for sacrificing your time and interceding on behalf of the orphans in South Sudan. 

God continues to bless the work that He is doing through us!  Here are just a few of our praises.

  • Praise God that Sikili (shown in the photo above) is showing signs of progress. She is smiling and laughing once again. Praise the Lord! There are small encouragements being seen in this long journey. She has been back in the classroom for one hour each day!
  • Praise God that Joyce's (Mama Lilly's mother) surgery went well last week and as of today her results came back clear!  
  • Thank the Lord for several staff members in Yei who are responding positively to recent management and discipleship initiatives.
  • Praise the Lord for several critically ill patients whom God healed through some great team efforts. We also praise Him for the good numbers of mothers in antenatal clinic and monthly deliveries.
  • Praise God for the people He brings at just the right time with just the right skills.
  • Praise the Lord for a fun birthday celebration for all the kids at our Terekeka campus.
  • Thank the Lord for the smooth transition of the new pastoral team in Yei. Beyond the current ministries, we have been able to get new ministries started as well.
  • Praise God that Pastor Hillary has arrived safely in Goli for his last term in Bible College. He will be missed by all during the week. Thank the Lord also that a number of the children who were sick last week in Yei are now feeling better.
Prayer Requests
Please join us in praying for the following: 
  • Continue to pray for Sikili's healing. Pray also as we coordinate a rehab plan to focus on her strengths.
  • Pray for one of our Sudanese staff members at His House of Hope Hospital as he wrestles with issues of his heart that have been causing some unhelpful behaviour and attitudes. Pray that he will respond to loving discipline and correction with faith, humility and respect.
  • Pray for wisdom, cultural discernment and vision for Harvesters' Board, His House of Hope Hospital's Committee, onsite management team and our Sudanese staff as we evaluate current and future strategies for the hospital during Aug-Oct.
  • Pray for the generator in Terekeka to be repaired quickly and without much cost.
  • Pray for Pastor Hillary in his studies during this final term and that he would have safe travels back to Yei during the weekends.
  • Pray for the secondary students in Yei who will soon be having exams and are studying hard for them.
  • Pray for a local man who is struggling with mental illness.
  • Pray that the transition in the church continues to be smooth and that fondness and trust would grow among everyone.

  • Pray for several home cell family members who are sick with malaria and the flu. Pray also for a recent measles outbreak in Yei. Pray for healing and protection of Harvesters and local students from this disease. And please pray for Faith Tabu who is sick with malaria.

  • Pray for guidance from God for all the staff and missionaries as they serve the orphans and community in South Sudan.

Daphine Omalla, our nurse at our Terekeka Campus.
Team Member Focus
Please pray for Daphine Omalla, our campus nurse in Terekeka.
Daphine cares for the children in many ways, not just when they are sick. She also works at the church and helps to care for our goats. 

Please pray for her concerning the following:

- Pray for wisdom and knowledge in the work she does.

- Pray for strength and courage to handle the tasks she has to complete while living in Terekeka.

- Pray God will make her path clear every day and for the future.

- Pray God will work in her family situations back in Uganda. Pray that He would bring peace and joy for all those involved.

Week 1
HRTN logo
Changing Lives...Bringing Hope
Harvesters Reaching the Nations is a Christ-centered organization providing discipleship, education and health care to orphans as well as vulnerable women and children in remote regions of the world.  

We are working to realize a vision: a world where children are free from spiritual, economic and social poverty so they can better serve their communities as disciples of Christ.

"This is what the LORD says - your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go."


- Isaiah 48:17      

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Harvesters Reaching the Nations
12 Years of Changing Lives & Bringing Hope to Children in South Sudan
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An Update from Serve India Ministries

An Update from Serve India Ministries

An Update from Serve India Ministries we recieved today:

American Pastors Share Their Reflections on Training Indian Pastors

Posted on August 1, 2013

American and Indian pastors pray together at 2012 IBS trainingIn 2012, a team of American pastors ventured across several oceans to join arms with their fellow-laborers for the Gospel – the national pastors of India. They labored together over the Word and by God’s grace, the national pastors in India emerged equipped with a powerful tool to enhance their ministries: Inductive Bible Study.

However, even though the American pastors were the ones doing the training, they were powerfully influenced as their observed the faithfulness and zeal of their Indian brothers.

Here is some feedback that a few of the American pastors gave:

 “I recently spent two weeks working with the good folks at Serve India Ministries.  The team that I was part of taught two Inductive Bible Study seminars....  I was very impressed to see the heart and vision of Serve India being worked out in the lives of these pastors.

“The work of providing training and direction for the independent churches in India is vital.  I am thrilled to have been a part of this vision and pray that Serve India will continue to pour into these churches for the sake of God's kingdom.  As God allows, I will count it a great privilege to serve alongside of Serve India Ministries again in the future.”

-Pastor Chad

“What I've told others is how blessed I was to have been a part of this trip.  It was so humbling to have met with these men of God, and give them tools for inductive Bible study that they had not had before.

“God has already used these men in amazing ways in terms of evangelism; my hope and desire is that the IBS method will help them raise up disciples as well.  Serve India Ministries has done a wonderful job of equipping these men to free them up to do the ministry God has called them to.

American pastors train national village pastors in Inductive Bible Study

“Would I go again?  Absolutely, yes...in a heartbeat, if God so allowed....”

-Pastor Tim

“We were blessed to spend some time with some of the pastors [in India]. [We were] very excited about the work that Serve India Ministries is doing and very excited to be a part of it by bringing Inductive Bible Study there…I hope to spend more time with them overseas in India soon.”

-Pastor David

As Serve India pastors incorporate these concepts into their preaching ministries, God has blessed their efforts tremendously.

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