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An Update from Serve India Ministries

An Update from Serve India Ministries

An Update from Serve India Ministries we recieved today:

American Pastors Share Their Reflections on Training Indian Pastors

Posted on August 1, 2013

American and Indian pastors pray together at 2012 IBS trainingIn 2012, a team of American pastors ventured across several oceans to join arms with their fellow-laborers for the Gospel – the national pastors of India. They labored together over the Word and by God’s grace, the national pastors in India emerged equipped with a powerful tool to enhance their ministries: Inductive Bible Study.

However, even though the American pastors were the ones doing the training, they were powerfully influenced as their observed the faithfulness and zeal of their Indian brothers.

Here is some feedback that a few of the American pastors gave:

 “I recently spent two weeks working with the good folks at Serve India Ministries.  The team that I was part of taught two Inductive Bible Study seminars....  I was very impressed to see the heart and vision of Serve India being worked out in the lives of these pastors.

“The work of providing training and direction for the independent churches in India is vital.  I am thrilled to have been a part of this vision and pray that Serve India will continue to pour into these churches for the sake of God's kingdom.  As God allows, I will count it a great privilege to serve alongside of Serve India Ministries again in the future.”

-Pastor Chad

“What I've told others is how blessed I was to have been a part of this trip.  It was so humbling to have met with these men of God, and give them tools for inductive Bible study that they had not had before.

“God has already used these men in amazing ways in terms of evangelism; my hope and desire is that the IBS method will help them raise up disciples as well.  Serve India Ministries has done a wonderful job of equipping these men to free them up to do the ministry God has called them to.

American pastors train national village pastors in Inductive Bible Study

“Would I go again?  Absolutely, yes...in a heartbeat, if God so allowed....”

-Pastor Tim

“We were blessed to spend some time with some of the pastors [in India]. [We were] very excited about the work that Serve India Ministries is doing and very excited to be a part of it by bringing Inductive Bible Study there…I hope to spend more time with them overseas in India soon.”

-Pastor David

As Serve India pastors incorporate these concepts into their preaching ministries, God has blessed their efforts tremendously.

Update from Harvesters Reaching the Nations
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