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Update from the Perry Family

Update from the Perry Family

Dear P4 Partners,

We welcome those of you who are new to the P4 Team!  (P4 =
Perryclan Praise & Prayer Posse)

Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer.  Our "Home Assignment" has proven indeed to be work-- yet the overall stress of living in a different culture is not there.  As one missionary said to us, "the easiest day on the field is harder than the hardest day in your home culture," and we have found that to be true.  The challenge of traveling many miles is offset by the things that are NOT present in South Sudan: paved roads, proximity to hospitals and stores, and the familiarity of the country in which we were born.  And, it is a joy to not have to deal with customs and immigration every time we cross a state border!
And we are enjoying eating cheese. Lots of it.
Back in South Sudan, our Australian friends & partners in ministry are "holding down the fort" well and the hospital is continuing to grow and develop, delivering 50+ babies per month!

"How many miles do we have to go today?"

Just a few highlights:

  • Spending time with family when we first arrived back to US
  • Being with friends in Texas during the birth of their daughter
  • Giving a medical lecture to other missions-minded doctors in Oklahoma
  • Debriefing with our sending agency in Orlando and establishing a more realistic budget for our next term of service
  • Great fun for the kids with friends not seen for 2-3 years!
  • Driving through 9 states in ONE day (Virginia to New Hampshire)
  • Doing US History experientially as a family!

"Winnie, what is that little building behind you?!"
"Oh, the US Capitol!"  

We praise Jesus because He is:

  • Our Protector: no accidents, tickets, or serious injuries thus far
  • Our Righteousness: despite short tempers (kids AND adults), temper tantrums (toddlers, tweens, and teens!), and too many hours in the car many days, God looks at Jesus in us, not our sin-- thanks to His work on the cross!

At the first oil well in the world... anyone know where it is?!  Write back with your guess!

The "how we don't get lost in a museum" talk... with friends in D.C.

We thank Him for:

  • A great debriefing time with Pioneers, our sending agency; connecting with people in Orlando and other returning missionaries
  • Providing through many of you for our physical needs as we travel: car, housing, food, gasoline, and finances and cookies
  • Phenomenal times spent with new and old friends, & family, throughout the South and East and Midwest of the US (so far!)
  • Upcoming week of rest in Wisconsin, prior to resuming speaking and traveling in North, North West, West Coast Region

The brothers... reunited!  Logan and Alex, in New Orleans

With our new godsons in Texas!

With PT in New Orleans... the pastor who married us almost 17 years ago (and his bride, Carolyn, in picture below!)

At the Irish Channel Christian Fellowship (New Orleans)... our first church as a married couple

Field trip for 11 to Jamestown, Virginia (settled in 1607), with friends from residency training

Sophia with birthmother & husband, stepsister and half-brother (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Please pray:

  • That we all exhibit the fruit of the Spirit more, especially in the vehicle, including but not limited to:
    • self-control (no hitting, biting, or kicking)
    • kindness
    • gentleness (in the words used between siblings especially)
  • That we parents would not exasperate our children, but rather know when to hold the line and when to not fight the battle
  • That He would enable us to reach our new monthly budget (currently at 70%)
  • That we would connect and deepen our relationships with our P4 team and others as we continue our travels

More fun along the road... stinky feet and tired toddlers.  Pray for a good sense of humor for all of us!

The schedule...
Next up: Wisconsin (8/7-18), British Columbia (8/22-27), Washington (8/27-9/5), Alaska (9/5-9/8).  
Then down to California, Arizona, & New Mexico.  
Return to Colorado in the second half of September for rest and fun with family and friends, then back to South Sudan around January 2.

We value your partnership in prayer-- we could not do any of this without you!  Thank you for lifting us up as we continue on the road for about 7 weeks more.  

We love to hear from you and appreciate knowing more how we can better pray for you.

Grateful for you,
Jeff & Elizabeth

Youth Swimming Party!!!!
Update from Harvesters Reaching the Nations


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