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Day Eleven and Twelve - The Culture Challenge


Day Eleven and Twelve - The Culture Challenge 10-28-13 / 10-29-13

Try for moment to remove yourself from the things you know about family and American societal norms.  Travel with me to a land that spent 40 yrs in the throws of war, and 5 yrs under the rule of a genocidal maniac. Try to think of life without at least one of your parents maybe both.  If you can do that you are close to understanding the plight of most of the male population of Cambodia. Now add the position of second class citizen, fear of beatings, rape, molestation, and forced prostitution and you are close to understanding the plight of women and children in this country. 

Before you lose your religion and develop a hatred for this place, remind yourself that all of this is all that most of these people know.  97% of Cambodians are not saved, 97% live their lives in ignorance of the better things that are awaiting them in Christ. Bringing them salvation apart from discipleship is just not enough. Even the 3% that are Christians are woefully ill equipped to live like the Bible prescribes because of the cultural influences that live deep within them. 

For the past few days I have been teaching studies that run counter to the cultural norms of Cambodia. It has been a trying and a blessed time of helping these men realize that they are here for "such a time as this". They are called to live biblical examples before their churches and communities and are enabled to do so by the power of His Holy Spirit living in and through them.  I praise The Lord for the opportunity to share the freedom and elevated status that comes to all through Christs' love for His bride the church.   

Please join me in praying that the word of The Lord will dwell richly within these men, making changes in their family lives and the lives of those around them.  The future of Cambodia can be so bright if we lift them up and keep them ignited with our prayers.


Changed for Life,

Pastor Dave

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