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Day Fifteen & Sixteen - Saying Goodbye and Heading Home



Day 15 - Saying Good Bye and Heading Home. 11/1-11/2

This morning we wereblessed to sleep in a little then all three of us went over to the Bible College to share in worship communion and prayer with the pastors before they head home until next semester. I was blessed to preside over communion and have included the text of that service at the end of this blog.

Truly these people have left an indelible mark on our lives. I pray that what we have been sharing with them will leave a mark on them and their ministries as well. Perhaps the most powerful part of our stay was when we kneeled on the floor and the pastors prayed for us, our churches, and families. 

We will be treating those that have helped us out to dinner tonight then taking quick showers and heading to the airport to go home. It will take many days to process what we have seen and learned. But, the emotions of leaving these new friends are already beginning to rise to the surface.

The only thing that makes the bitterness if saying good by better is the joy of knowing that I will be home with those I love in the states soon. Hope to see you Sunday!

God Bless You All,
Pastor Dave



Turn in your Bibles to Luke chapter 22 with me for a quick look at the meaning of communion before we partake of the elements together...
Before we read the text and take the elements ... I want to let you all know on behalf of my fellow Pastors...what a great privilege it is for us to have spent the past two weeks with you all...
This has been an experience we will not forget as it has changed us in many ways... We look forward to the next time we meet with you again...whether here or at the great feast of the Lamb in heaven... And you will be remembered by us in our prayers presently as you labor for the kingdom here in Cambodia.
There is perhaps no better way to close out our time together than with the celebration of communion.
When The church today...gathers to celebrate communion... We in a sense looks at the things of God from the same three perspectives we have and will look upon out trip... Communion looks at the things of God in relation to ... the past, the present, and the future. 
All Christians agree that one of the reasons for the Lord’s Supper is to remember what Jesus did for them on the Cross. ‘Do this in remembrance of me’... is a command from our Lord not to forget.
In the Old Testament an New testaments as Pastor Ivy and Pastor Tim both taught... apostasy... Or the falling away from the truth... Is always associated with the concept of forgetting.... 
So Jesus is urging his disciples... no matter what else they forget of all they have seen in His company...not to forget the significance of the event we remember as a church to this day.
Every time we break bread and drink the cup, we are to do it in remembrance of Him.
So when the church follows that mandate in its celebration of the Lord’s Supper...it looks to the past... but...as Jesus stresses...there is also a sense in which the celebration of the Lord’s Supper is a foretaste of the future feast that God has promised for his people in heaven... He says He won't eat of it again until the kingdom ... But then they will all eat of it again... 
Then we will sit down with our Lord and celebrate the great wedding of Christ and his bride...the Church.
So we look to the past and we look to the future... but what about now? 
As the people of God come together... looking back to the past work and looking ahead to the future promises of our King... there is also the present enjoyment and blessing of being in the presence of Christ...
So let's now remember the Lord in His words with the elements He Prescribed... Looking forward to the day we will eat of these elements with Him in the kingdom to come... Allowing this time to bring peace to our hearts presently as we go our separate ways in service to Him.(((read, partake, and pray)))

Day Thirteen and Fourteen - Nearing the Finish
Carnival Night!


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