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Day Seven - Business as Usual 10-24-13

Day Seven - Business as Usual 10-24-13

Some days are just that...days.  Today we are one week into this trip, and everyone is settling in somewhat. Teaching, eating with the pastors, and the out it dinner. We then went over to Curtis and Bre's apartment for a little conversation and coffee. 

It is always great to spend time with missionary couples and hear their stories. Though young 23 & 25 these two have some amazing responsibilities. They also have an incredible love for the people of Cambodia. Hearing them talk about "business as usual" in Cambodia makes you want to cry and certainly makes you look at the day we had in a whole new, blessed light.  Stories of rape, loss, abandonment, beatings, prostitution, and corruption touch everybody in this country.  

When they came to pick us up we witnessed a young child being beaten behind the bars of their house by his mother. He couldn't have been more than 4 yrs old. It makes you realize that the oh hope for these people and the whole world truly is Jesus. His presence in a community of people changes the culture for the elevation of all. Especially those who are the least, the last, and the lost. What we are doing here and what the organizations like Harmony outreach and Water of Life are involved in, is changing a culture by introducing them to the only one who can, Jesus. 

Some may think missions are all about extraordinary efforts and expenditures that will bring an immediate change to communities. But, the true work of missions is to change lives and position them in ways to change the culture. God's love in the lives of those we train and Water of Life helps will turn the tide slowly. But history tells us it will. 

My prayer is that one day the "business as usual" of Phnom Penh and Cambodia will be far less barbaric and brutal then it is today. These people, created in His image, deserve so much more and Jesus, in His love for them, is bringing it to them.

Please pray for the 3% of the country that are Christians to affect change by the Holy Spirit working through them.

God Bless You All,
Pastor Dave.

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