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Day six - Water of Life 10-23-13

Day Six - Water of Life

Today has been a great day in so many ways! But tonight was amazing and beyond my wildest dreams. We went to Water of Life Church for the mid-week Proverbs study with the boys from Water of Life Boys Home. These young men worship their Savior with a Passion and Purity that is contagious. We were all dancing and singing at the tops of our lungs in no time. The study was amazing and the people who have put their lives into serving others were inspirations to me. 

Two men in particular I will never forget. 

Randy Flemming: a few yrs ago a man named Randall Ezekiel Flemming began following our Church on FB. I saw pictures of the work The Lord has him doing at Water of Life. When it was clear that we would be coming here to Phnom Penh I was excited to meet the man that I had seen in those moving images. He and The Lord he serves certainly did not disappoint. This man is so full of love and joy that he makes this Tigger look like an Eeyore, I was blown away! No wonder these young men are lit up with the love of Jesus. Please pray that this man's passion never fades and that these boys become great men of God because of his self-sacrificing love for them.

Rin Yames: One of these young men is Rin Yames. He is the head of the house for the boys. As a young boy Rin's family lost it's father in the Pol Pot regime. His older sister was raped and it was believed she took her life because of it. (There is more to this story I will share one day).  Rin went to the streets to live and was eventually picked up by a Christian school that specialized in teaching the arts. There his talents were found and blossomed. He is an accomplished artist and dancer who has traveled to the US to exhibit his talents. But, his love for The Lord and the lost had him lay it all down to serve at Water of Life. How many of us can say we gave up all worldly chances of advancement in order to store up riches in heaven like Rin? His life is a challenge to me.  I pray our paths cross again many times and He is blessed by God for making the right decision with His gifts.

Talk to you all again soon.
You are loved In Christ and by me!
Pastor Dave

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