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Day Thirteen and Fourteen - Nearing the Finish

Day Thirteen and Fourteen - Nearing the Finish 10/30 - 10/31

Refreshing to be in Cambodia on Halloween because they do not celebrate it here! 

Pastor Ivy and I have finished our teaching one day early in order to give more time to Pastor Tim. He is in Matthew 24 right now and has until tonight to finish the book. We are here in class offering our support. 

The past few days have been as much about relationship building and remembrance as teaching. His does the old saying go? "They won't care how much you know until the know how much you care."   We have been eating with the pastors which really is key. Today Pastor ivy and I went to get Donuts at a bakery. A treat these men hardly ever eat for their morning break. Just a little way to show we care about them. Yesterday we took pictures of them as individuals to help us remember them.

Tomorrow the pastors will take their final tests, pack their bags and head for home. We will stop by for testing then head out for a short day around town before going to the hotel and packing for our late night flight. 

As the close of our trip nears I am blessed to have been here and to see what God is doing in this country. But, I am also saddened by seeing how much the Devil is doing here as well. Truly this war will be waged for many years to come. A war that we all have a part in through the tremendously powerful vehicle of prayer. 

When I return this Sunday to the pulpit I will share on this trip and on how we can affect change in the world around us. This trip has been a life changing one indeed.

See you soon!
In Christ,
Pastor Dave

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