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Opportunity to Serve

Opportunity to Serve

Good Afternoon CCMP,

I just wanted to share with you guys an opportunity that has arisen for us to serve our community.

Greer Farms in the Pittsburgish area has closed their blueberry fields as of last week.  However there are still a lot of blueberries that are left to be picked. A member of our body has asked if it would be ok for us to go out there and pick blueberries to donate to Titus County Cares our local food bank and Greer Farms has sad yes.

This is where you guys come in!! We need people to pick the blueberries!  If you are available to pick blueberries tomorrow that would be such an awesome blessing to Titus County Cares and the community that we live in.  This is an opportunity to be the hands and feet of the Lord as we provide for those in need. This could be a great experience for some to serve together as family. Kids are welcomed to help, but we need to make sure that we supervise them for their own safety

If you can be there, we will have someone there at 8am in the morning.  Since it warms up so quickly in the summer it is nice to get an early start!

Here are the directions for those of you who can be there:

From MP

Take 49 towards Dangerfield;
Turns right on FM 1735 (at the Star Mart);
Stay on this road for 8.1 miles;
Turn left on to Hwy 11;
Stay on 11 for 4.6 miles;
Turn right on CR 1124 go 0.6 miles;
Turn right on CR1125 go 0.9 miles;
And then a left into the field.

Please bring plastic sacks (i.e. Wal-Mart or Brookshire sacks) to put the blueberries you pick in.  There will be someone there to collect the blueberries you pick and get them to Titus County Cares!

Also it would be good if you brought some water so that you can stay hydrated while working in the sun!

I am excited about the opportunity God has provided for us to serve and hope you are too!!

God Bless,

Pastor Chris

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