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There is still time to join in on the Small group study!

There is still time to join in on the Small group study!

Hey Everyone,


I am thoroughly convinced that as our fellowship grows, the need to get plugged in becomes greater and greater.  It is easy to get "lost in the crowd" unfortunately even at church where we really need to be joined to each other to grow in our faith. Small groups are a great way to connect with others in the church and to meet some you may not ever meet otherwise. We have 30 folks signed up for the Sunday night studies which is a good amount.  But, my prayer is that everyone who needs to be there will truly be there.  Hence this blog entry.


Maybe you have been on the fence about the Sunday night small group studies. Maybe you are really busy. Maybe you just forgot to sign up.  Whatever the case may be, you still have a chance to join us tomorrow night for the first study.


Stop by the front counter in the foyer before of after services and we will get you in a group and give you a study guide while supplies last. If we run out...we will order more.  Ask yourself and more importantly the Lord, is this something you should be a part of? If the answer is yes, please stop by the front counter in the foyer and sign up so we can get you in a group.  


You will still need to get a copy of the book on your own.  But don't let that hold you back.  There are relationships awaiting some of us that the Lord will use to grow all of us in Him.  Hope to see you tomorrow night.


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