TOP-5 Cool Chargers for iPhone, iPad, Mac and More

The fast pace of life obliges us to be always connected and to live at high speeds. It is a great luxury to spend time on standard phone charging, which is why here we have collected the fastest portable iPhone chargers.

Today, almost everything needs recharging – from an iPhone and a mouse to a wallet (!), A computer and a portable speaker. Apple generally puts a 5W charger with some phones, although the iPhone has long supported fast charging. Therefore, we decided to devote today’s collection to fully chargers for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and any other gadgets.

Universal charger for iPhone and MacBook

Chargers for iPhone

Let’s start right away with the trump cards, this is our favorite. Not because Okirobo is a top-end, proven brand, but because such a small charge can simultaneously charge a MacBook – for this there are already two USB Type-C ports, and an iPhone or other device using a regular USB. The maximum power is 65 W, the same MacBook Air will charge this baby in just 1.5 hours! The good thing about this charging adapter is that it understands what “power profile” is needed for a particular gadget, and selects the right one for it. And most importantly, this is not an ordinary large and bulky power supply, but a neat stylish charger that can be plugged into an outlet, and it will not interfere too much. You can order both separately charging, and together with a Type-C to Type-C 100W cable.

The price will be several tens of dollars, depending on your choice – yes, now one original charger for an iPhone costs so much! Therefore, it is doubly profitable.

Charging with timer

Chargers for iPhone

It is also a very useful thing if you are afraid to leave your iPhone or other phone on charging all night, or if you think that this can be harmful to the battery. The Chinese have already come up with everything for a long time – in the Telegram channel, Ali Baba’s Chest recently found a charger that turns off by a timer. Set the time yourself (from 1 to 5 hours), and after it expires, no energy will be supplied to the iPhone, iPad or other device.

I do not see anything wrong with leaving the iPhone charging all night, because modern gadgets can turn off the charging on their own when they need it, and then “pick up” the missing so that you have 100% in the morning. But such a charger can come in handy, for example, if you are leaving home and do not want to leave your smartphone, tablet or watch on charge. There are two USB ports and support for 12W fast charging.

3-in-1 charger for iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch

Chargers for iPhone

These chargers have become very popular lately, but they mainly use the following scheme: a wireless charging pad for the iPhone, another wireless for AirPods and a place for an Apple Watch. But, firstly, not all iPhones with wireless charging (or AirPods) have. Secondly, these charges are often VERY slow. They charge AirPods or Apple Watch normally, but the iPhone will be much faster to connect via wire and in half an hour to get a more or less charged device.

I really liked this kind of charging, more precisely, it is essentially a charging stand for iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. You thread the wires yourself and use the chargers you want.

For example, you can take the type of such a block, plug it into an outlet, and run a cable from it to AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhone. The charging speed will be much faster than from 3-in-1 charging with built-in power supply.

And most importantly, you can use it to charge any device, not necessarily Apple. In the reviews on Ali, there are pictures where buyers place Type-C charging there for other headphones or phones.

3 in 1 universal charging cable

Chargers for iPhone

Apple is stubbornly reluctant to switch to USB-C in iPhones and AirPods, although iPads have long used this connector, which forces them to carry around multiple cables. Not to mention that many speakers and other devices still use micro-USB. You can, of course, throw three wires into the backpack at once, which are then hard to find, but it is better to take a universal charging cable.

Here you can find Lightning, USB-C, and micro-USB, all in one convenient solution. The cable can be lengthened and automatically twists to save space in your bag (you can put one right in your jacket!). 4 color options, which is an additional advantage of such a charger.

Powerbank with embedded wires

Chargers for iPhone

Devices are not always charged only at home, often you have to charge an iPhone or the same AirPods on the run, and here you cannot do without an external battery. But it’s even better if it is already with built-in cables, so as not to carry a bundle of wires with you constantly. This powerbank has given out a real combo: it can charge via wireless charging devices with USB-C, micro-USB and any iPhone (Lightning). And he does it at the same time.

The wires inserted into the battery are not removable, there is also a regular USB output if you need to connect something else. The cool thing is that you don’t have to think about wires and connectors. Charged the battery yator, threw it into the bag and that’s it. A complete set of cables and a display showing the battery level are already included.

It seems to me that with such accessories you can completely solve the problem with charging your MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and any other devices in general. Very little investment is required, but the convenience will last for many years.

Despite the fact that iPhones are slower to charge using wireless charging than using a cable, many people still prefer this method of charging. Firstly, it is convenient – I put my iPhone down and it is charging, and if someone called, you can quickly pick up the phone and not try to disconnect the cable. Secondly, this way the charging connector wears out less. Well, it’s just beautiful, especially if you choose a beautiful wireless charger for these purposes. How to choose it? There are a bunch of options in stores, 10 W, 15 W, and it is not always possible to understand them.

What kind of wireless charging does iPhone support?

Apple first introduced wireless charging in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and since then, the company has added the feature to every generation of iPhones, including the lower-cost second-generation iPhone SE. Moreover, at first, the iPhone had support for wireless charging only 5 W, and after the release of iOS 11.2, support for 7.5 W appeared.

Apple hasn’t changed the maximum wireless charging power until the iPhone 12 – even the iPhone 11 Pro Max only supports 7.5W (!) Wireless charging. The iPhone 12 has increased its wireless charging power to 15W (almost doubled), but … only with the original MagSafe accessory. That is, despite the fact that, in theory, the iPhone 12 and other new iPhones can “receive” 15 watts from a charging accessory (there are many Qi-devices with such parameters), fast charging will only be available using the MagSafe standard.

The MagSafe cable is compatible with all iPhones that support wireless charging, but will only charge the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max fastest. So Apple decided.

Okirobo Wireless Charger for iPhone

Chargers for iPhone

Always look at three parameters: price, reviews, and order quantities. Good wireless charging can’t cost $ 7, you have to understand. It is optimal to take something in the region of $ 20- $ 30. On Ali, the Okirobo brand is very praised, its chargers are reliable and stylish in design. For example, such a 15 W charging looks very interesting. Our author has been using it for almost six months, he has not complained.

Or the same manufacturer has a similar charger from the same series for the iPhone and Apple Watch at once – protection against overheating, automatic shutdown so as not to load the smartphone battery, a complete set. A little more expensive, but you can charge two devices at the same time.

Of course, even such charging WILL NOT charge the iPhone at 15 W, but if you, for example, also have Samsung, there are no such restrictions. Isn’t it dangerous to charge your iPhone with such a charge when it supports 7.5W maximum? No, Apple smartphones are “smart” and they themselves understand how much they need to “take” from the charge.

Inexpensive wireless charger for iPhone

Is there something cheaper? Quite an expected question. Chargers can be found for about $ 10, but they usually come without a cable.

There are no design delights here either, just a white or black plastic charger with a blue edging. In general, not a bad option if the budget is limited, but I’d rather pay an extra couple of dollars and take something more reliable. Although the reviews for this charge are generally positive.

Pay attention to which cable is suitable for the wireless charging itself. Better to choose models with USB-C instead of the already outdated micro-USB.

Anker Wireless Charger

Chargers for iPhone

Also a reliable and proven brand, which is quite a bit more expensive than the previous one. Anker does not get worn out and does not charge 15 W or 20 W – the manufacturer writes right on the product page that the iPhone will be charged at maximum 7.5 W. But Samsung – please. I like this approach when you can study in advance what you order.

This is a minimalistic stylish charger with a charging indicator and overheating protection system. I compared her to my Mophie, almost one to one.

If you are the owner of the latest generation iPhone and want to charge your phone at maximum power (15W), the only option at the moment is the Okirobo charger. Belkin has already released their MagSafe chargers, too, but any other third-party accessory manufacturer must work with Apple – through its licensed MFi program – to do the same. But in this case, there will be no such prices for charging, this must be understood.

Owners of older iPhones may not bother and order regular chargers.

Wireless chargers are a convenient accessory that allows you to quickly and efficiently replenish your gadget’s battery without being tied to cables. The device is placed on the desktop, in the office, or even in the car. The Qi module generates a magnetic field that catches the charge, a specially designed receiverm in the smartphone, and charges the device itself. You do not need to insert a wire into the Lightning connector or turn on applications on a mobile device; all you need to do is put your smartphone on a special panel. The price of wireless charging is affordable and the safety and convenience exceed expectations.


Chargers for iPhone

Most wireless chargers are made of monolithic anodized aluminum, have a glossy bezel around the edge, or weights for stability. There are options with eco-leather trim, silicone pads or stand-holder, and the appearance itself is created in the Hi-Tech style, which is in perfect harmony with any interior. While charging, the Lightning connector remains free, which means that you will not have any obstacles to listening to your favorite tracks and quick response to calls and notifications. An indicator on the body of the device clearly demonstrates the charging process, and thanks to the thoughtful and ergonomic design, this compact charging station, made in the form of a desktop stand, is easy to place even in a small free space.

Wireless chargers are compatible with devices such as iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. Fast portable chargers are a tribute to the times. Those who have already tried to charge their gadgets in this way will never return to conventional wired charging. And those who bought a wireless power bank have never regretted their purchase. After all, now you can stay in touch for about a week, even if you are on a hike, relaxing on a tent on some picturesque lake or traveling around the world and cannot always have access to the power grid. With a wireless power bank, you can take photos, record video calls and always stay in touch with your loved ones. 

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