Best portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 pro max

Best portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 pro max

Wireless charging has become an important technology for next-generation smartphones, in particular the iPhone 11 pro max. True, not everyone knows exactly how this technology works. For the untrained iPhone owner, it is not easy to decide on the choice of a wireless charger. In this article, we will try to understand all aspects of wireless charging together in order to make the right choice.

How does wireless portable charger for iPhone 11 pro max work?

In fact, modern wireless charging is based on the properties of magnetic fields and their ability to affect other magnetically sensitive objects. The simplest example of this would be a magnet passing inside a wire spool. This movement of the magnet creates a current in the wire that can be used to power a small light bulb.

Portable power bank for iphone 11 pro max works on the same principle, but instead of using a magnet to act on a coil of wire without touching it, inductive charging uses its own coil of wire. The passage of current through it can generate a magnetic field. If objects are close enough, then the magnetic field created by the current in one coil can create current in the second adjacent coil.

At short distances, such systems work very effectively, but the current of the receiving coil will always be lower than in the “transmitting” coil. But this can be fixed by increasing the size of the coils and increasing the power. This method works in real-life scenarios.

In consumer devices, this has led to a system in which a charging pad, cradle, or other coil implementation can interact with another coil contained in a host device, such as a smartphone. The coils are usually 2 to 5 centimeters in diameter, depending on the equipment. And the working distance between the two coils is usually less than a centimeter, they are separated by plastic or other materials that are not affected by magnetic fields.

Of course, such a system is scalable. This will allow, for example, an electric vehicle to recharge in a parking space with a larger coil. It is likely that similar technology will appear in Apple Car in the future. At the moment, devices with small coils are classified as wireless charging devices.

MagSafe portable power bank for iphone 11 pro max

Best portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 pro max

This name was previously used for the magnetic mechanism for connecting the charging cable to the MacBook, but Apple has revived the term MagSafe for its modified form of wireless charging.

Introduced with the iPhone 12, MagSafe is an improved version of the existing Qi support, adding magnet rings for better usability.

Surrounding the charging coil inside the iPhone with magnets means it is now easier to properly align the coil in your smartphone with a supported charger. The MagSafe charger will snap into place.

Another benefit was Apple’s decision to allow MagSafe to run at a higher power level, dropping 7.5W support for Qi chargers and allowing up to 15W on the iPhone 12 and Pro models, or up to 12W on the iPhone 12 mini models. This requires both a MagSafe compatible charger and a 20W or greater power adapter.

Since MagSafe still supports Qi chargers, it will continue to work with any existing Qi charging surfaces and pads the user may have, including portable battery charger for iPhone 11 pro max.

As an added benefit, the presence of magnets on the back of the iPhone means that magnetic accessories can be easily installed and removed. Apple’s offerings include cases and covers, and a wallet-style attachment. Upon contact with the phone, a corresponding color pattern appears on the screen.

What to look for when choosing best portable wireless charger for iphone 11 pro max?

Best portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 pro max

1. At power. The higher it is, the better – the iPhone will charge faster. Preference should be given to those contactless systems that have an additional Quick Charge function (up to 7.5 W) or MagSafe (up to 15 W and only when used in conjunction with an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12 Pro).

2. To the power of the charger. Appetite is one of the main factors when choosing a wireless charger. We recommend choosing a version with a built-in power supply or purchasing a plug separately, but with the above characteristics. For example, to use MagSafe charging, you must have a 20W Apple USB-C Power Adapter.

3. On the cover. As noted above, any charger created using the Qi protocol will fit the iPhone and work properly and safely. But if a case is put on a smartphone, which is made of metal (even partially) or the thickness of the back wall exceeds 6 mm, then you should not count on the correct operation of the accessory. Therefore, before you buy wireless portable battery charger for iPhone 11 pro max, check what material your case is made of.

4. On the form. Most often there are contactless chargers of two forms: a pad, also called a tablet, it has a horizontal orientation and a docking station, also called a stand, it has a vertical orientation.

5. On the brand. You should trust the time-tested manufacturers (Apple, Spigen, Satechi, Moshi, Anker, Momax, Rock, Belkin, Mophie, Nillkin, Baseus). The cost of a good portable charger for iphone 11 pro max ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the configuration.

6. The number of simultaneously connected devices. For example, the Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad can simultaneously charge: iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods case.

Best portable wireless charger for iPhone 11 pro max
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