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To figure out how to choose the best portable charger for iPhone 11 pro, you must first of all determine the criteria by which one or another gadget should be judged. We offer you a desktop guide to help you make the best choice for any budget.

Why do you need a portable charger for iPhone 11 pro?

Why do you need a portable charger for iPhone 11 pro?

How often have each of us come across a battery that has run down at the most crucial moment on our beloved smartphone? With the development of technology, this question has become rhetorical. Just some ten years ago, few people could be surprised by the weekly battery life of the device. Now you will not find this.

As a rescue in the “Battery low” situation, the guests of my today’s story – external batteries – were invented. What are these things and what are they eaten with?*

* they are not eaten

How does an external battery work?

An external battery is like an internal battery, but an external one (your Captain Obvious). Several batteries are soldered to a small controller board, to which, in turn, are attached connectors for charging our gadgets and the battery itself. The reliability of the entire structure depends mainly on the use of high-quality components and adherence to the technological process during production.

From this follows the main rule – do not buy extremely cheap portable batteries. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they will be assembled as “crookedly” as possible, from the most substandard components. I will tell you about the minimum price a high-quality external battery can have a little later.

Main characteristics of the best small portable charger for iPhone 11 pro

There are three of them, it is them that you should pay attention to when choosing (and only then look at the design).

1. Capacity

The most important characteristic that determines how long the battery can provide energy to a particular device. To put it simply, this is the operating time of the battery without additional recharging. It is measured in ampere-hours, in our case – in milliampere-hours (mAh).

The basic rule: for comfortable use, the capacity of the external battery should be at least 2 times more than the capacity of the battery in the rechargeable device.

The iPhone 11 Pro has a battery capacity of 3190 mAh. In order not to be afraid to be left without communication for a day with constant use of a smartphone, it is worth choosing a battery for it with 3,500-6,000 mAh. This is guaranteed to be enough for one full battery charge.

The golden mean can be recognized as batteries with a capacity of about 6,000 mAh for comfortable use of the smartphone for several days. The capacity of more than 12,000 mAh is as versatile as possible and is suitable for users of smartphones and tablets, including at the same time.

2. Discharge current

A connector with a current of 1 A for charging smartphones and 1.5 – 2 A for charging tablets is considered standard. In simple terms, the current in the battery indirectly affects the charging speed of the connected device.

In this case, there are already two tips. First, make sure that the battery amperage matches the manufacturer’s specifications for your smartphone. The best indicator for this will be the included charger. For example, with iPhones, Apple puts a charge with a current of 1A. With iPad – already 2A.

Accordingly, it is advisable to charge the iPhone from port 1A in your battery, and the tablet from 2A.

The second tip applies primarily to Apple tablet owners: you need a portable battery with a current of 2A. Don’t even look at 1A, it just won’t have enough power for the huge battery in your iPad. To find out the amperage before purchasing a battery, just look at the markings next to its USB port. In 99% of cases, everything is clearly written there.

3. Size and weight

The golden rule: the higher the capacity and the more ports, the larger the battery will be. The best small portable charger for iPhone 11 pro can’t be very small and very lightweight.

There are again two councils. First, choose the battery for your mode of using your smartphone or tablet. One thing is a fragile girl who just wants to sit in social networks and chat with a guy for one or two hours. And it is completely different when a stern bearded uncle – a lover of hiking and bardic songs – wants to listen to these songs in the forest, also with clips on YouTube, for two or three days. A small and portable battery is enough for a girl, and a bearded man should immediately take a “tank” for 15 thousand mAh, no less.

Second tip – don’t get fooled by the huge battery capacity in a small or shockingly cheap device. It doesn’t and never will. Stay realistic.

All other “goodies”, such as the presence of a flashlight, solar battery, shock-resistant housing, etc., are not required for daily use (although sometimes they are useful), and only add an extra penny to the price of the product. The only really needed option is the battery charge indicator, but almost all models have it, so we will not focus on it.

How to choose the best portable charger for iPhone 11 pro

So, what kind of external battery would be ideal for a modern gadget? To play games and watch a movie, and not be left without communication for several days…

–   Capacity: 6,000 mAh for a smartphone and from 12,000 mAh for a tablet;

–   Current strength: one connector for 1A, or two connectors for 1A and 2A;

–   Weight is no more than 250 grams (but if you are a harsh bearded uncle, then this is not so important);

–   Necessary options: charge indicator and power button recessed into the body.

Everything else is at your choice, there is a lot of various design solutions and interesting options.

The minimum price for a portable charger for iPhone 11 pro

Let’s analyze a high-quality battery from one well-known manufacturer. Capacity – 10 400 mAh. Many consider this battery to be a reference, and it is difficult to argue with them. Its approximate price consists of:

–   4 batteries Samsung ICR18650-26F – $ 20.

–   Electronics, assembly and packaging – $ 5-10.

–   Logistics and seller’s interest – $ 5-10.

Total – $ 30-40. This figure may fluctuate, but the point is different…

A 10,000 mAh battery from eBay for $15 is too good to be true. Not to mention portable wireless charger for iphone 11 pro for the same money – and other nonsense that buyers willingly believe in, flaunting “economy” right and left. Do not be fooled by cheapness. If you want to know, what is the best portable charger for iPhone 11 pro, trust the products of well-known brands, read reviews and, first of all, think. It’s the most important.

What is the best portable charger for iPhone 11 pro
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